Residential Drywall Installation in Sultan, WA

Since 1969, Zip Drywall has been Sultan, WA’s trusted family-owned and operated local business offering a range of drywall services for residential customers. In addition to working with individual property owners, we also partner with contractors to provide our drywall services.

Our capabilities include:

  • Drywall installation: Zip Drywall provides residential drywall installation in a variety of situations, ranging from new construction to remodels and home additions. If you’ve been looking to build a custom home, refinish your basement or add on to your house, working with an experienced drywall contractor is your best bet for achieving high quality results.
  • Drywall modifications: Are you sick of your existing drywall? Perhaps you’re planning some aesthetic improvements to your home, or maybe your drywall is just old, outdated and no longer looking its best. Zip Drywall offers a variety of residential drywall modification options, including such textures as smooth finish, orange peel, dash, splatter and knockdown. We’d be glad to make a recommendation for your next project!
  • Repair and replacement: Whether caused by water damage, roughhousing kids, hanging wall decorations or other types of accidental impact, cracked, busted or otherwise damaged residential drywall is unattractive, potentially unsafe and reduces the value of your investment. Get in touch with Zip Drywall to discuss drywall repair options—and if the damage is serious, we can also talk about replacing your drywall.

In addition to our expert, high quality workmanship, Zip Drywall is committed to providing residential customers with friendly and helpful service. We understand that the need for residential drywall installation, repair or replacement can be stressful and confusing, and that’s why we always aim to be as straightforward as possible. For a hassle-free drywall experience, or to request an estimate for your Sultan, Woods Creek, Startup, Gold Bar, or Snohomish County, WA home, contact Zip Drywall today by calling 425-280-6521.