April 13, 2023

"I highly recommend Zip Drywall. I had a den/spare room that had unfinished sheetrock. It was behind wood paneling, which we removed. The room is about 22' x 14', with several doorways, windows, and a small hallway at one end. The sheetrock was in place when we tore down the paneling, but none of the seams were taped or mudded, and there were several areas where the sheetrock was damaged. I called about half a dozen local drywall companies. I am very glad that Zip Drywall was one of them. Most of the other places I called asked me to send pics/video and quoted me off that. However, Dan was the first to at Zip actually come to my house and view the project. Dan was obviously very knowledgeable, and went through and discussed several considerations. He inspired much confidence and is a really pleasant person too. His quote ended up being second lowest of the six or so I received. I hired him on a Friday afternoon, and my project was finished exactly one week later on the following Friday. Dan came each day Monday - Friday and worked on my project for about 4 hours at a time until it was done. He taped and mudded, then did some more mudding and finishing, and then sprayed texture. The results are fantastic. It came out even nicer than my wife and I had hoped for. Now that the room is all painted and trimmed out, it looks so nice and we have gotten compliments from everyone who has come by. Thank you Dan and Zip Drywall!!"
February 7, 2023

"Finally getting this on record...last fall, I contacted Dan for an emergency drywall repair in our bathroom that we had to have completed over a weekend before another contractor was scheduled to come. Dan came out on a Sunday AND did an amazing job in record time! Thank you again, Dan!"
June 21, 2021

"Dan and his brother Dave did a wonderful job for us on two projects — a kitchen/family room remodel and a standard closet to walk-in closet transformation. They are a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to call them for future projects."
June 14, 2021

"These guys do great work! We had two closets in our home re-built to accommodate a laundry room and they put new drywall in both. You can't tell at all where they blended new with old, are happy. Also, they were very friendly and nice to us and to our kids, too!"
June 8, 2021

"Dan did a wonderful job - we are so happy. He installed a drywall ceiling in our basement bathroom and cleaned up the existing walls. He did the framing for the new ceiling, move a secondary light from the wall to the ceiling and did a light texture across the whole room. The bathroom looks a million times better! We are so happy we found Zip Drywall. We'll definitely have him back for other projects."